EMS World Wide Express Shipping

Delivery time is normally 5-7 days to most countries after order has been paid and processed. Tracking info will be emailed to you for online acess of delivery status. (Recomended method).There are no weight restrictions on EMS shipping.

First Class Shipping  (if you do not see your coutnry listed in the pull down lists for first class shipping, it is because we can not guarentee delivery to that country and have had problems with customers getting first class packages. So First Class shipping choice is not available to those countries not listed).

There is no ability for package tracking with first class shipping!

Delivery time may be 10-21 days on average to most countries. Some countries may take much longer because these shipments may be held for a number of packages until they get a bulk amount to specific regions or countries. For this reason, the delivery times can be 21 to 48 days because of this "Bulk Processing" for packages going outside of China. This is why we state the 21 days or more are a possibility, so the shipping time is not always exact. Customer tracking ability is not available for First Class Shipping. We do have the ability to get information of package acceptance and delivery by the inbound country, with some countries we ship to, but not all.

Restrictions on First Class Shipping may apply on packages of larger weight and size. You will be notified if this happens with your order while it is in the packaging stage.