729 ORIGIN Pips-In Table Tennis Rubber

Brand name:729 (RITC Fridenship)
Rubber / Sponge Color:
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“ORIGIN” combines the optimized formulation with a new technology of nano-infiltration, making the rubber adhesive coating durable and the spinning strong and continuous. Its new design of thin base rubber sheet and semi-towered structure makes the touch clear and the energy transfer continuous; its application of patterned rubber makes the friction more intensive; its high-density sponge with delicate cells reduces the energy blocking and increases the speed and rebound strength, making the attack handier.

In September 1972, Tianjin Sports Equipment Company., Ltd invented the world's first viscous rubber.
In January 2011, this company developed another classic viscous rubber " ORIGIN " with its years' accumulated expertise and the advanced technology.

Sponge thickness: 2.1mm
Rubber color: red / black

Speed: 11
Spin: 12
Control: 10