OUKEI TW2700-V1 Robot

Brand name:OUKEI
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Price:$ 899.00

NEW!   Oukei V-1 Robot. 

Universal Power Supply will accept any voltage input.  
This robot comes with a  3 prong Chinese power cord end. (requires a plug adpter for use ouside China)

The new lightweight  but strong build V1 robot offers a hand held remote with a few nice features for a lower priced robot.  The robot comes with:

-Robot and catch net

-Hand Held Remote

-Power supply

-Ball Pick-up Net

-2 Spare Throwing Wheels


- 70-100 Balls

Functions of the robot:

- 3 modes of of sequences,
PROGRAM MODE, allows you to program each ball to the 5 landing spots,
RANDOM MODE, allows the robot to shoot balls to random landing spots left to right,
REGULAR MODE, allows you to shoot balls to one location over and over.  (last mode used will be stored in memory for use the next time you start the robot).

- 5 basic landing spots from left to right. You can manually change the depth of the landing spots by the setting on the head.

- Seperate top spin and back spin speed settings, (you can make only top spin or back spins,  no side spin ability as the head does not rotate to create any side spin shots).  You choose between 8 levels of speed/spin amounts for either top spin or back spin.  This robot can not make a total dead ball shot.

- Serve Frequency (balls per minute) can be set from 30 to 100 balls per minute.



Far East Sports warranty period is for two years from date of purchase. This warranty implies only to proper use, storage, and handling of the robot. If it is deemed that improper use, handling, care, or storage of the robot has resulted in any damage of the robot, Far East Sports reserves the right to be exempt from responsibility of parts or shipping costs to repair or replace parts.