OUKEI TW2700-08B Robot

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Oukei TW-2700-08B  is a newer version of the past -08 robot. This robot has 2 new features the old 08 version does not have.

1.  Initial Service Mode:   A ball can be served to land on both sides of table like an actual double bounce service. There are 4 different modes of this function. (examlple of this is shown in the first picture below)

2. The new 08B has a calapsable head like the S9 robot.  With a simple large buckle, you can allow the head to fold downwards to save on storage space if needed. 

This robot has a universal power supply so no voltage converter is needed, though you will need a power cord end plug adapter for the wall socket if you are outside of China. These simple plug adapters can be found in local stores. 

For details on this robot (except for the new "service mode" and the folding head udates), the past model review can be seen here  TW2700-08 Robot Review.



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