Double Snakes FQJ-5 Robot

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 The Double Snakes FQJ-5 robot is one of the most advanced training robots available today.  It can simulate real shots and serve combos, mix backspin and topspin shots in sequences, and has very realistic spins and ball flights.  The main difference between the FQJ-2 robot and the FQJ-4 robot are the new "advanced function" buttons.  Each advanced function button can be combined with others to create almost unlimited combnations of sequences, from simple drills to advanced drills. 

The robot will come with 100 Double Fish 1 star balls.  

Robot comes with full catch net system, control pad and IR hand held remote.   (REQUIRES 2- 32A 12v batteries not shipped with robot).

 Free Shipping to most countries.  (Some countries- Ukraine, Russia, Spain and any Eastern European country will have an extra shipping fee added.  Please contact us before ordering to make sure of the total cost shipped). 


Far East Sports warranty period is for two years from date of purchase. This warranty implies only to proper use, storage, and handling of the robot.  If it is deemed that improper use, handling, care, or storage of the robot has resulted in any damage of the robot, Far East Sports reserves the right to be exempt from responsibility of parts or shipping costs to repair or replace parts.

From the day of delivery to 30 days, any failing or broken part(s) that are from proper use and care, will be replaced and shipped with no fees.

After the first 30 days and until the end of the first year, replacement parts will be free, but shipping will apply. In the second year of the warranty, the manufactures cost of the part and shipping fees will apply. (A clear picture of part must be sent to us, or the part mailed back to us for proof).

After 2 years, providing the manufacture still makes the parts, we will sell you the parts at normal retail cost of part(s) from manufacture plus shipping fee.