Double Snakes FQJ-2 Robot Review

(Review by Rich215)
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The Double Snakes FQJ-2 table tennis robot is an advanced 2 wheel Pre-Programmed robot.
The FQJ-2 robot is the advanced model compared to its little brother, the FQJ-1. The FQJ-1 model has a more basic control panel with fewer options. The FQJ-2 model comes as a “coach’s trainer” type of robot. It has a separate IR remote that can be used by a trainer/coach/friend, to use while you’re hitting balls. Not that everyone will have a coach  with them while using the robot, but you can also put the small remote in your pocket while playing to start and stop the robot or change head positions if needed.

The Control Pad for this Double Snakes robot is set up with “pre-programmed” single serve and shot buttons.  Basically, you just hit a single button on the control pad and it will perform a shot with pre set head angle and motor  settings. The yellow buttons on the pad are for pre set ‘shots”. The pink pre set buttons are for a few various serves.  This actually is a nice setup to quick practice a certain shot while being able to then change a few motor or head movement settings to get it set to throw a certain angle shot at you. You can then always return to that specific button’s  pre programmed setting at any time. While having those particular “pre programmed” settings, the control pad allows  you change all head movement from separate keys on the pad. This is a very nice feature to quickly change the head  position without walking back and forth to the robot end.

You can quickly move the head in several different ways with the control pad. One set of up and down buttons moves  the head vertically from high angle down to a low service angle position. Another set of up and down buttons will move  the spin rotation angle of the head, from straight up and down to full 90 degree for true side spin balls.


The encased throwing wheels are of a different design than other manufacture’s throwing wheels. They are actually a 3 piece wheel. There are 2 plastic hubs or rims that fit together with a rubber skin or tread fitting between the hubs. Picture below is cropped from the manufactures web page. The cost of the replacement for the wheels is said to be “low cost”. Not sure what that would be, hopefully the same as other wheels.With these controls, the Double Snakes FQJ-2 robot covers a good way of robot training. The movements of the head when using the various buttons on the control pad are very smooth and extremely quiet! This robot is by far the quietest robot I have tested.This robot is fairly light for what it is. The materials used in its build are much higher quality than the Super Master per say. Because this is a “hanging” robot, it needs to be fairly light weight. The plastics used with the Double Snakes are high quality, and some even seems like fiber molded plastic. You can tell pretty easily that even though it has a lot of plastic in materials used, it’s not the typical cheapest injection molded stuff. The Catch Net works very- very well with this robot. The bottoms of the main fold down panels are made with nylon netting. They work perfect to dampen the balls and make for whisper quiet action with all the balls flying about into the netting and collection area. The back and sides of the catch net are made with stretch or rubber core strings, so they offer a nice way of absorbing the balls and not letting them rebound or spring off back to the table or off the table.